I drove over London’s first 3d zebra crossing & it worked

A 3d zebra crossing road safety design which started in India is now on St Johns Wood High Street.

St John's Wood High Street logo
St Johns Wood High Street


I had just turned left from Prince Albert Road and started gliding northbound in the TXE taxi on St Johns Wood High Street with passengers on board who were talking amongst themselves. Approaching the zebra crossing just before the junction of Wellington Place I noticed the road markings looked different, getting closer and the crossing had a unique 3d design/optical illusion painted on the road. I slowed down to get a better look but could not stop as no pedestrians were present to cross the road and I had passengers on board so I continued northbound along St Johns High Street thinking did I just drive over a 3d zebra crossing or do I need to make an appointment with Specsavers ?

Dropped off passengers & headed southbound on St Johns Wood High Street and took this picture of the crossing.

3d zebra crossing

The 3d zebra crossings artwork is known as trompel’oeil which is French for “deceive the eye”.

The scheme has been a global success in reducing road traffic accidents and is now in London.

twitter Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 18.30.34

Wetminster Council are the first London borough to trial the scheme for a duration of 12 months and I hope other councils in London follow suit as its a great idea to encourage drivers to slow down or be more observant of pedestrians when approaching the crossings. If  schemes like this helps to save just one life more zebra crossings around London should be transformed into 3d.

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